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A) Internet Service
B) IT Support

A) Internet Service
Acrosoft provides a reliable connection to keep you connected and be able to video chat with friends and families, work from the office, watch a movie and more.
Benefit from our high speed internet access:
1.    Browsing - Web pages will load faster
2.    Downloading - Quick and easy downloading
3.    Streaming - Fluent video and audio
Our internet strengthens your IT functionality

1.    Free domain registration
2.    Free website hosting (1gb Disk Space)
3.    Free email addresses
4.    Free Router
5.    Free Wireless

a)    Unlimited internet
b)    voice service  - Skype
c)    Chat more with your friends without resending because of unstable connection
d)    Data transfer speed you expect
e)    Fast and reliable unlimited internet at a fixed price
f)    Facebook

(i)    Minimal downtime
(ii)    There are no fixed term contracts
(iii)    Do more with our high speed internet
(iv)    Reliable and secure

“Good internet is good business growth”-------------- Surf more with Acrosoft Internet------
1.    Client will be required to pay a deposit equivalent to one month subscription fee.
2.    Get your own Login details to the router
3.    Full control of the router; Change router details as you wish
4.    Power backup availably at our base station

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