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  1. How will I reach you if I have any challenge?
    Technical queries: 0717 142597
  2. What is dedicated internet?
    The indicated speed is the upper limit of what you may actually get. (up to not “minimum of”)
    Amount of bandwidth dedicated for your use only and performs consistently day in and day out
  3. What is shared internet?
    Shared bandwidth amongst many customer. Your upstream/downstream fluctuates with the traffic your neighbor push over that same stream.
  4. Do I need dedicated or shared internet?
    Dedicated internet will save you a lot of aggravation.
  5. Do you offer pay-per-use bandwidth?
    No, we provide unlimited internet and you use it as more as you can.
  6. How will I know you have the service in our building?
    Call us on 0727 433441 or email us  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  7. How will I receive my invoice?
    All the invoice will be sent to email provided to us and notification on your phone.
  8. What is the billing cycle?
  9. How will I make payment?
    Any payment can be made through the following options;
    a) Lipa na Mpesa
        Till No.494117
    b) Cheque 
        Cheque Name: Acrosoft Networks Limited
        Acc: 0240299255729
        Branch: Harambee Avenue
    c) Cash
        One can drop cash at Afya Center, 12th floor room 9. Along Tommboya Street
  10. Will I have buy router?
    No Acrosoft will provide router for free with wireless(WIFI) enable
  11. How long will installation take?
    The earliest date is 5days after submission of the application and all required fee paid. Cheque should clear first.
  12. How much will I pay for installation?
    You have to confirm from Acrosoft’s office since we don’t charge installation to some premises.
  13. What package will be suitable for my company?
    Provide us with the number of the computers to be used and the nature of the business and we’ll advice you the best package.

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